Psycho- Educational Assessment


Is your child experiencing difficulty in school academically and/or behaviorally?

Are you curious about your child’s learning style?

Do you feel your child might need specialized instruction and/or may qualify for special education services?

By having your child assessed you will have all the answers to these questions and more.


A psycho-educational assessment will provide you with:


• Information regarding your child’s learning style as well their academic
  strengths and weaknesses

• Assessment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) and/or

  executive functioning deficits

• Tests for learning disabilities, such as Reading Disorder/Dyslexia, Disorder

  of Written Expression/ Dysgraphia, Nonverbal Learning Disability, and Math


• Documents for accommodations in school or on standardized tests

• Necessary documents for eligibility for Individual Education Programs

  or 504 Plans

• Individualized recommendations to promote academic success

• Explanations regarding behaviors such as inattention, organization, hyperactivity, low

  motivation, homework struggles, impulsivity, or low frustration

• Help to understand poor school performance and/ or academic decline


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